The Unlaughing Princess

Here is the country of Awa, where on its southern most point the flowers cannot last all year round.  Now as well, even though we can say that it has been another light spring, as far as the eye can see on this continent the flowers are starting to bloom a bright yellow.  Above the flowers the butterflies are dancing.

Beyond this natural scene of flower fields there is a shore, from which can be heard the sound of the waves.  It is a truly peaceful sight.  But these were wild times.  In the capital there was the Muromachi Shogunate.  Here in the Kanto region, with its power in decline, the whole country, from great to small providence are all respectively fighting.  But in this Awa country, how long can we expect peace to last?

Amidst the full bloom of the flowers a cart continues on by.  Blinds hand obscuring sight inside.  This is a small red palanquin.  Such and such a cart could probably be said to be carrying a Princess, from nothing less than a Daimyo’s house.  Nearby there is a shrine called Sunosaki.  A wonder working place, it is known to be able to heal any sickness.  Those who come to visit make a trail leading out of the place.  This carriage is also on its way home, to visit the Sunosaki Shrine along the way.  Well then, the carriage is continuing along its way…

When, suddenly heaven and earth began to grow dark.  Did some kind of Solar Eclipse perhaps take place?  No, that was not the case.  From beyond the horizon, solemn black clouds loomed.  That was what, in a minute, had come to cover the sky and blot out the Sun.  The wind skimmes the earth,  The flowers stalks bend under stress, and the butterflies are blown away.

Just as the Heaven and Earth began to grow dark, a cry is heard from within the palanquin.  It is the cry of a young child.  It is not the violent type of crying.  More of a somber kind of voice.  Low, sad, and regrettable, it continues on this way dismally.  Just listening to it one finds that they start to become blue themselves.



Translation work in progress.  This is a site where I will be updating translated segments of Hakkenden, The Legend of the Eight Dog Warriors.  The translation will come from a simplified version of the text, but I assure you that the story is told in full.  Just click on “The Unlaughing Princess” to read the first segment.  I decided to put up this site because I noticed there were no other translations of the text available, so I wanted to do my best to use the skills I had to make the work available to those with interest.

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